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Hostel Names Ideas - How to name your Hostel and what to consider BEFORE a final decision

Hostel Names Ideas? How to name your Hostel and what to consider BEFORE taking a final decision

You are looking for some inspiration to name your hostel? There are plenty of hostel name ideas out there, we just have to get them out there.

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But…why is your hostel name important?

Finding a name for your business is a big decision. However, please remember, that the name itself is not as important as the product.

Remember Google?

What on earth does Google even mean?

The best laptops in the world are produced by a fruit – Apple. Microsoft? or Ryanair?

The names itself seem important and indeed, they can be. Just have a look on the other examples, the name of the company is descriptive:

  • booking.com
  • hostelworld.com

List of hostel names ideas

You know what, we all love examples. So here is a quick run-down from creative hostel names.

  • Paper Plane Hostel
  • Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space
  • YIM Hostel
  • Oxotel
  • Dragon Dive Komodo
  • The Yard Hostel
  • Caveland Hostel
  • Valencia Lounge Hostel
  • Swanky Mint Hostel
  • CODE Hostel
  • Hektor Design Hostel
  • The Passenger Hostel
  • The HAT Hostel
  • Ani&Haakien Hostel
  • Ecomama

A book I highly recommend is the BRANDlife for Hip Hotels and Hostels.

The books covers amazing hotels and hostels from all over the world. Here you can get a ton of inspiration as well.

Hostelgeeks and 5 Star Hostels are featured here as well.

How to find your perfect hostel name?

Sit down and open a new excel spreadsheet. You can also just take a paper and a pen.

Write down following items:

  • Characteristics of your hostel

This can be the location, the city, the design, the owners name, facilities like garden, pool, you name it.

  • Characteristics of your location

This can be a landmark, a famous garden, museum next door, café and restaurant. Maybe your destination is known for a surf spot, dive spot, special activity. Think about WHY people come and visit your destination. This could be important to cover in your name.


  • Barcelona Central Hostel
  • Dive Spot Bali Hostel
  • The Big Ben Hostel

Going ahead with your notes, we write down:

  • Cool names you like

Maybe you like a special name or word like hipster, cool, design, boutique, fun, party, paper, pen, skydiving, heaven, ocean, …

Generators for Business Names

There are some cool name generators for business names out there. Those are great for inspiration. I would not recommend copying any name here. Think about it, you won’t be the only one using these generators. Therefore, take it as an inspiration. Don’t be a copy cat.

Last but not least

There are some basic rules when it comes to naming your hostel.

  1. Do not be a copy cat. Don’t name your hostel like any other hostel in the world. That’s just…lame!
  2. Be unique!
  3. Choose a name that is easy to remember and to pronounce
  4. Make it about your product, not about your name. Remember, a great name does not fix a bad product
  5. Don’t expect to find a name in 2 minutes. Write down options, check it back with friends, colleagues, business partners


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