5 Star Hostels - The Premium Hostel Network

5 Star Hostels – The Premium Hostel Network

Hostelgeeks is a premium brand of the worlds most outstanding hostels.

Our independent travel brand puts together worlds greatest Hostels based on transparent criteria: the 5 Star Hostels.

The concept of 5 Star Hostels is unique to Hostelgeeks.com, a hostel network collecting unique and high-end hostels all over the world. The website was in the developing process in early 2013 and officially launched 3rd of March 2015. Ever since the launch, Hostelgeeks developed a community of +100.000 travelers, seeking for the experience in destinations and hostels alike.

You can find all 5 Star Hostels on the official website.

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Hostels joining the independent network benefit from the worldwide community and reach of the channels Hostelgeeks contributes to. Hostelgeeks works with a worldwide network of handpicked photographers and writers to bring exclusive insights to unique hostels with character.

Competitive Advantage for exceptional hostels

  • In times of rising competition and marketing efforts, it is important to stay on top of the game. Hostelgeeks helps exceptional hostels being the #1 hostel in the city. Outranking competitors, and foster exclusive #1 spot
  • Get the hostel famous among travelers and hospitality industry. Boosting international media and OTA recognition
  • Pushing direct bookings, leaving more money in the properties pocket
  • Networking-Effect
  • High-End Branding thanks to Context-Marketing

Best Hostels in the world

The eBook series 2016 & 2017

Hostelgeeks launched the very first eBook “The Greatest Hostels of Europe” in March 2016. It featured 77 unique hostels across Europe with 5-10% discounts to all of them. The eBook was sold +250 times to travelers and backpackers seeking for hostel accommodation and better prices.

Hostelgeeks also receives unique hostel discounts for their users. For instance, they teamed up with Selina Hostels & Hotels, a luxury hostel chain.

In February 2017, the 2nd eBook launched. The “Minimalist Guide to the Greatest Hostels of Europe” highlights 127 unique hostels all over Europe, and this time 10% to all of them. The eBook includes island retreats, castles, swimming pools, former wineries, and more.

Best Hostels eBook 2017

Video & Photo

Hostelgeeks produces its media in-house and in collaboration with the handpicked network of photographers and writers. We document the hostel’s lifestyle and highlight the details of what makes the hostel stand out.

Photo Content

CODE Hostel Edinburgh

In the media

We are featured in many popular magazines and platforms. This is a quick selection:

  • Feature by CBS News
  • Feature by Refinery 29
  • Feature by MSN
  • Feature by Travioor.com
  • Feature by The Tree Hugger
  • Feature by the official tourism board of Tartu
  • Podcast with Living Unconventionally
  • Branding expert Cecile Poignant on Hostelgeeks and trend of upscale hostels
  • Interview with Happy Bondy
  • Interview with CastleFoundations

Our handpicked hostels and partner hostels around the globe are the most famous hostel-accommodations out there.

Thanks to their own outstanding performance and the Hostelgeeks cooperation, the 5 Star Hostels are being featured in and contacted by numerous famous magazines, blogs, newspapers and agencies.

This is an excerpt of features of 5 Star Hostelgeeks:

BRANDlife: Boutique Hotels and Hostels

Thanks to Hostelgeeks, the 5 Star Hostels are featured in a brand-new book on BRANDlife.

Featured hostels are:

  • Oxotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand
  • Superbude Hamburg
  • Basecamp Bonn
  • Ani&Haakien Hostel

This exciting new volume in the Brandlife series profiles the worlds best conceived and realized brand identities for hotels and hostels.

Beginning with interviews of some of the leading hoteliers profiled, Hip Hotels and Hostels reveals the challenges as well as rewards of building a distinctive brand in todays climate.

Some are stand-alone, such as the wonderfully eclectic Oddsson in Reykjavik, while others such as the Ace Hotel or Generator Hostels have developed into highly successful chains that offer regional variations. But whether premium or budget, all have something unique to offer travelers in their brand experience.

Features graphic identities, interiors and architecture as well as expert talks with designers and creative directors.

Purchase your own copy here.

Hostel Branding and MarketingHostel Branding and Marketing Hostel Branding and Marketing Hostel Branding and Marketing

Caveland Santorini in upcoming blog

Upcoming blogger Meggy Mac visited Santorini and Caveland Hostel. She wrote up her experience on how to enjoy Santorini on a budget. Caveland plays a big part.

10 best Designer Hostels by Suitcase Magazine

  • We Crociferi in Venice
  • Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space in Moscow
  • We Hostel in Sao Paulo, Brazil
  • Maverick Hostel in Budapest, Hungary

Read the full article here.

The Travelettes

Famous travel blogger collective The Travelettes features 10 cool hostels in Europe. 9 out of 10 are awarded 5 Star Hostels. This article was brought to their readers in collaboration with the featured accommodations.

Featured hostels are:

  • Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof
  • Swanky Mint Hostel in Zagreb
  • Mountain Hostel Tarter in Andorra
  • Maverick Hostel in Budapest, Hungary
  • CODE Hostel in Edinburgh (including Hostelgeeks photos)
  • We Bologna in Italy
  • Sputnik Hostel and Personal Space in Moscow
  • Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu, Estonia
  • Hostel Ruthensteiner in Vienna

Interview with RGNN about 5 Star Hostels, Entrepreneurship and Online Marketing

The ROOSTERGNN had us over for an interview about 5 Star Hostels (and our absolute top 5), Entrepreneurship, and how to face competition in the online world.

“Patience, hard work and making as many mistakes as quickly as you can.”


“Especially in the online world it is easy to follow the quick money but in the long-term game it will hurt your whole project and brand, if this is what you are going for.”

The interview is about facing competition in the online world, long-term branding and 8 examples of the most outstanding hostels.

Read the full article on RGNN.org

The Roostergnn is a Global News Network is a non-profit news agency that promotes freedom of expression and journalism education.

With over 700 journalists worldwide, ROOSTERGNN publishes content in English and Spanish, and specializes in investigative, independent and digital journalism.

The Roostergnn is featured on major websites like

  • Huffington Post
  • Wallstreet Journal
  • The Guardian
  • National Geographic
  • El Mundo
  • MTV
  • El Pais

and more.

This outlet has a strong readership and introduces the 5 Star Hostels and Hostelgeeks to its readers.

Spanish Travel Blogs

The popular Spanish travel blogs LaTravelista and A World To Travel features the 5 Star Hostels. LaTravelista wrote up a big beginners guide in Spanish about “como sobrevivir tu primer hostel“.

The new article on A World To Travel is dedicated to hostels for Couples across Europe.

The 5 Star Hostels are:

  • Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof
  • Caveland in Santorini
  • WE Crociferi in Venice
  • Palmers Lodge Swiss Cottage
  • Hektor Design Hostel in Tartu
  • Sunset Destination Hostel in Lisbon
  • Maverick City Lodge in Budapest

Caveland Santorini Backpackers Villa Sonnenhof Mosaic House Prague We Crociferi in Venice

The big New York Post features the best places to go in 2018.

As the #1 destination they chose to follow Hostelgeeks recommendation of Bologna. The city is tucked away in-between famous Florence and even more famous Venice.

It is not easy to shine next to these tourism giants although Bologna offers tourist sights, two leaning towers and a rich culinary scene. After all, this is where the world famous Bologna sauce was created and many more dishes.

Hostelgeeks chose WE Bologna as its 5 Star Hostel.

The New York Post picked up on Bologna and WE Hostel, recognizing the uniqueness of Bologna.

Read the full article on nypost.com

SEO Value and Branding

Thanks to this feature, WE Bologna received a highly valuable link from an authority page. Buying any comparing link can easily cost around 3000€, just to give you an idea of the dimension.

The NYPost has a DA score of 94/100 and reaches more than 4 Million Fans just on Facebook alone.

Their website reaches more than 5 million readers per month on estimation.


“Being a Hostelgeek Hostel makes us feel big, although we are a tiny hostel. We have the feeling to be connected with similar independent hostels all over the world. Everybody needs a tribe…”

Ani&Haakien Hostel in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

“Since our hostel launched on Hostelgeeks, we have welcomed more tourists from Europe.”

Memory Hostel in Da Nang, Vietnam

@Hostelgeeks @hostelcocomama Amazing website you have for hostels! This has completely changed my perception of what I thought a Hostel is!

— Grab Your Destiny (@GrabYourDestiny) May 22, 2015


Say goodbye to dingy dorms & say hello to 5 🌟 opulence at low prices. Thanks @Hostelgeeks 👌@mgntrgg #TravelTuesday https://t.co/eBLAp5NZJX pic.twitter.com/wmtSfae3Bx

— Travioor (@travioor) April 4, 2017

@Hostelgeeks Thank you very much! We love your website and look forward to collaborating with you. Our professional photos will be up soon.

— Cocoon City Hostel (@cocoonchania) February 17, 2017

A quick overview on testimonials we’ve received.

More to come

Hostelgeeks is all about the 5 Star Hostels. We put the 5 Star Hostels in front of a large audience, a selection of the worlds best hostels.

The 5 Star Hostels and Hostelgeeks as the brand behind will be featured in more newspapers, interviews and media outlets. Stay tuned and subscribe to our exclusive to stay up to date.

Further reading: Hostel Architecture: 13 Hostel Buildings to admire (including epic 5 star hostels).

Matt Kiefer is the founder of Hostelgeeks.com, the premium network of 5 Star Hostels worldwide. Hostelnerds is the b2b area with information for hostel managers and owners to take your hostel a step further.