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Features of 5 Star Hostels in Magazines, Newspapers, Famous Blogs

Our handpicked hostels and partner hostels around the globe are the most famous hostel-accommodations out there.

Thanks to their own outstanding performance and the Hostelgeeks cooperation, the 5 Star Hostels are being featured in and contacted by numerous famous magazines, blogs, newspapers and agencies.

This is an excerpt of features of 5 Star Hostelgeeks:

BRANDlife: Boutique Hotels and Hostels

Thanks to Hostelgeeks, the 5 Star Hostels are featured in a brand-new book on BRANDlife.

Featured hostels are:

This exciting new volume in the Brandlife series profiles the worlds best conceived and realized brand identities for hotels and hostels.

Beginning with interviews of some of the leading hoteliers profiled, Hip Hotels and Hostels reveals the challenges as well as rewards of building a distinctive brand in todays climate.

Some are stand-alone, such as the wonderfully eclectic Oddsson in Reykjavik, while others such as the Ace Hotel or Generator Hostels have developed into highly successful chains that offer regional variations. But whether premium or budget, all have something unique to offer travelers in their brand experience.

Features graphic identities, interiors and architecture as well as expert talks with designers and creative directors.

Purchase your own copy here.

Hostel Branding and MarketingHostel Branding and Marketing Hostel Branding and Marketing Hostel Branding and Marketing

Caveland Santorini in upcoming blog

Upcoming blogger Meggy Mac visited Santorini and Caveland Hostel. She wrote up her experience on how to enjoy Santorini on a budget. Caveland plays a big part.

10 best Designer Hostels by Suitcase Magazine

The Travelettes

Famous travel blogger collective The Travelettes features 10 cool hostels in Europe. 9 out of 10 are awarded 5 Star Hostels. This article was brought to their readers in collaboration with the featured accommodations.

Featured hostels are:


This article is only an excerpt of all features of 5 Star Hostels.

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