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Brand New: Hostel Ads with Hostelgeeks

Are you looking for ways to increase your sales and fill your hostel beds? There are many ways to advertise for your hostel.

You can purchase a special feature on Hostelworld, buy a featured listing and link with Tripadvisor and increase your commission paying to Hostelworld and Booking.com.

Since so many hostels asked for more alternative ways to get their hostel in front of new clients and guests, we now offer hostel ads.

You can now advertise your hostel with Hostelgeeks.

You can purchase your ads now through our ad partner MediaVine.

Budget for hostel ads

Every professionally managed hostel has a yearly budget for marketing.

If you did not calculate marketing into your yearly budget, then it’s time to do so. This is how you can fill your beds easier and faster, decrease cancellations and improve sales.

Where to market your hostel?

The rate for a good ad on any website starts from 25€/ month. Anything below should be handled with care.

You can also run your own Google Adwords Campaigns. This, however, takes a lot of effort in time and money. We only recommend this to experienced marketeers. If you do not run Google Adwords Campaigns with care, you can end up burning a lot of money with no ROI.

You can now run ads on Hostelgeeks, as mentioned above. You can contact us for more information.

We will add your hostel to relevant articles that will bring your hostel new clients. Find all our curated hostel-related articles here.

Our articles reach more than 100.000 users every single month and more than 17.000 newsletter subscribers.


A cheap and smart way to market your hostel is by working with bloggers. It is important to have a clear strategy when working with bloggers.

Do not accept every blogger asking for a free bed. Same goes as above, free beds in exchange for marketing cannot resolve in great success. It’s harsh, but true.

It is important to follow a clear strategy when working with bloggers. This can be:

  • Instagram promotion with tagging your hostel
  • Instagram promotion with using a specific hashtag
  • Facebook Features with tagging your hostel
  • Instagram Live Stories
  • Snap Chat Live Stories
  • SEO

What is SEO?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. All it means basically is getting your website on the top of google for specific keywords. The keyword can be “best hostel in XYZ” (while XYZ stands for your city or destination).

If you want to rank for this keyword, you should ask the blogger to link to your website using this keyword as anchor text.

Sounds technical, and it is. But a good blogger will understand what it means.

What is an anchor text? It’s the text that shows the link.

For instance:

This is a cool website.

“cool website” is an anchor text.

“https://hostelgeeks.com” is the actual link.

We always recommend the 5 Star Hostels to follow are clear strategy. We help them to do so by developing a branding strategy for and with them.

The best marketing is branding!

– Matt

The best marketing is branding. Let me explain.

Marketing is when YOU tell someone that your hostel is awesome.

Branding is when a GUEST tells someone that your hostel is awesome.

Branding is word of mouth, it is something that you build, it is your reputation. In the words of Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos:

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”

This is why hostels join Hostelgeeks as we reach more people and a huge amount of travelers before they travel or even consider traveling to your destination. If you would like to apply for becoming a 5 Star Hostel, you can do so.

Get in contact as well when you are looking to market your hostel to a relevant customer group – your clients!

We already reach them via Instagram, Facebook and Newsletter. Now it is time they get to know you and your hostel!

Purchase now

There is no need to contact us for a proposal. You can now instantly purchase your ad space through our ad partner Mediavine here.

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