Instagram for Hostels

Instagram for Hostels? Hashtags to use and How to grow your Following

Do you use Instagram as a hostel? It is a powerful marketing tool to brand your hostel and to get more sales.

Remember to use the following hashtags to get more likes and followers:

  • #5starhostel
  • #5starhostels
  • #hostelgeeks

This way we can also share your photo!

Here are a couple more hashtags that you can use to get more attention, likes and followers:

  • #visitYOURCITY
  • #travel
  • #designhostel
  • #designhostels
  • #boutiquehostels
  • #boutiquehostel
  • #hostel
  • #meettheworld
  • #hostelworld
  • #travelphotography
  • #travelgram
  • #travelpic
  • #luxurshostels
  • #luxuryhostel
  • #hostellife

Check also what hashtags your local tourism board promotes and use those!

Head over to and search for your tourism board. Click the latest photo and read through their hashtags.

You can also tag us with @hostelgeeks, as well as tagging @hostelworld. Maybe Hostelworld picks up your cool hostel photos and shares it.

More Hashtags to use

There are full hashtags packages you can use.  Just head over and copy and paste the hashtags you need here.

#destinationearth #destinosimperdiveis #discoverearth #discoverglobe #doyoutravel #earth_deluxe #earthcapture #earthgallery #earthofficial

Super helpful: 113 Top Travel Instagram Hashtags to gain more likes and guests.

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How to get more followers on Instagram as a Hostel?

There are a lot of things you can do. Offline and Online!

Do you link your facebook and instagram in your website properly?

Do you use hashtags on instagram?

Do you promote your channels in your hostel? You can encourage your guests to follow you by having a fun instagram wall for instance with hashtags to use.

The Ecomama Amsterdam also uses the app to brand their accommodation. Their messages consists with their main brand. From the website to the reception to online marketing, Ecomama has a clear strategy empowering their guests.

How to grow your following?

It is actually really simple: The more time you spend in instagram, the more followers you get. Follow people interested in your destination, comment on their photos with some interesting context, share cool photos that people will love.

Also, make sure you use the Stories Feature BEFORE posting an actual instagram shot. This way more people will see it organically in their feed.

Another way to grow your insta account is having an appealing caption and text beneath your photo. You can share your thoughts, maybe insider tips to a special restaurant nearby or some hidden gems. Users love this! You can also integrate more than 1 language. Here are few instagram captions and phrases in Spanish for instance.

Here you can also find a bunch of ideas for smart and funny instagram captions.

Tip: It helps to have a kick-ass hostel name to grab people’s attention. Here are some creative hostel name ideas.

Last but not least, you can now pay as well to be in front of a broader audience. Is it worth it? Certainly.

Thanks to Facebooks data, you can target your customer and get your hostel in front of them.

Final thoughts

However, bare in mind, Social Media is more than simple game of numbers.

You can have a million followers, but no real guests in the end. The key is to have the right followers, meaning, the ones interested in your product/ accommodation.

Before starting investing lots of time in Instagram, ask yourself: What outcome do you want? More followers, more likes, more sales?

Sure, Social Media is very important and you should do it. Best way to succeed in marketing is having a strategy.

In case you do not use Instagram for your hostel, well, then start yesterday – it can be powerful!

Instagram for Hostels

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