Lisbon's Best Hostels: A Backpacker's Guide

Lisbon’s Best Hostels: A Backpacker’s Guide

Lisbon’s vibrant energy, rich history, and stunning beauty make it a top destination for backpackers. The city boasts a diverse hostel scene, offering options for every budget, travel style, and desired level of social interaction. Whether you’re a party animal seeking late-night adventures, a solo traveler craving connections, or a history buff wanting to soak up the city’s past, Lisbon has a perfect hostel waiting for you.

This guide will help you navigate the options and find your ideal home base for exploring Lisbon.

Finding the Right Hostel

Choosing the right hostel goes beyond just price. Consider these factors to find the perfect fit:

  • Location: Do you want to be in the heart of the action or a quieter neighborhood?
  • Vibe: Are you looking for a lively party scene or a more relaxed atmosphere?
  • Amenities: Does the hostel offer breakfast, laundry facilities, or a common area for socializing?
  • Budget: Hostel prices can vary depending on location, amenities, and room type.

Best Hostels in Lisbon (By Category):

Below I list all the coolest Lisbon Hostels by category. Choose the one that fits best your travel persona and needs.

For the Budget Traveler:

Home Lisbon Hostel: Located in the historic city center, Home Lisbon offers comfortable beds in dorms and private rooms at budget-friendly prices. They’re known for their delicious (and affordable!) “Mamma’s dinners” prepared by the owner’s mother, creating a warm and social atmosphere. Free breakfast and regular social events like pub crawls and day trips help you stretch your travel budget even further.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel: This trendy hostel in a central location offers airy dorms and private rooms. Take advantage of their guest kitchen to save on meals, and join their free walking tours or evening drinks to explore the city and meet fellow travelers.

Lisbon Destination Hostel: This modern hostel boasts comfortable dorms with a cool vibe. A free breakfast, a charming courtyard to relax in, and a 24-hour bar ensure you have everything you need for a comfortable and social stay without breaking the bank.

For the Party Animal:

GSpot Party Hostel: Lisbon’s go-to spot for party enthusiasts, GSpot offers a vibrant atmosphere with an electric buzz. Located in the heart of the Bairro Alto nightlife district, you’ll be surrounded by bars, clubs, and restaurants. The hostel itself has a bar and organizes events to keep the party going all night long.

Goodmorning Lisbon Hostel: Another lively option in Bairro Alto, Goodmorning Lisbon offers a friendly atmosphere with frequent social events, a 24/7 bar, and a free waffle breakfast. The rooftop terrace provides a welcome respite after a night out, offering stunning panoramic views of Lisbon.

For the Solo Traveler:

Lisboa Central Hostel: This colorful and welcoming hostel in the heart of Lisbon is known for its friendly staff and focus on bringing people together. Spacious common areas and a variety of social events like happy hours and movie nights make it easy to connect with other travelers. Choose from comfortable dorms or private rooms to suit your needs.

The Independente Hostel & Suites: This swanky hostel in a historic palace offers a unique blend of social atmosphere and luxurious touches. Spacious common areas, regular events, and dorms specifically for female travelers cater to solo backpackers.

For History Buffs:

Lisbon Old Town Hostel: Nestled in the charming Bairro Alto neighborhood, Lisbon Old Town Hostel is housed in a renovated 18th-century building. The historic ambiance blends seamlessly with modern amenities. Explore the surrounding area steeped in history, or ask the friendly staff about walking tours focused on Lisbon’s fascinating past.

Sant Jordi Hostels Lisbon: Located in the historic city center, Sant Jordi Hostels Lisbon combines a relaxed atmosphere with a touch of history. Some rooms even boast original architectural details. Enjoy a free breakfast and explore the surrounding area filled with iconic landmarks.

Beyond the Best:

Lisbon Hostel Tips:

Booking: Lisbon’s hostels can fill up quickly, especially during peak season. Book your stay in advance, particularly if you’re traveling during the summer months.

Lisbon Hostel Association: Consider checking if Lisbon has a Hostel Association that offers discounts or special deals to members.

Safety: Lisbon is a generally safe city, but always be mindful of your belongings. Most hostels offer secure lockers for valuables.

Lisbon on a Budget:

Lisbon offers plenty of ways to explore the city without breaking the bank:

Free Walking Tours: Many hostels and companies offer free walking tours, providing a great introduction to the city’s history and landmarks.

Parks and Viewpoints: Lisbon boasts several beautiful parks with free entry, perfect for relaxing or picnicking. Miradouro de Santa Luzia offers stunning views of the Alfama district, while Parque Eduardo VII provides a panoramic vista of the entire city.

Free Museums: Some Lisbon museums offer free entry on specific days. Check out the National Museum of Ancient Art or the Museu Coleção Berardo for a dose of culture without the cost.


Lisbon’s diverse hostel scene caters to every backpacker’s needs. Whether you’re seeking budget-friendly comfort, a party atmosphere, or a chance to connect with fellow travelers, you’ll find the perfect place to call home. With its rich history, vibrant culture, and stunning scenery, Lisbon is a city waiting to be explored. So, book your hostel, pack your bags, and get ready to discover the magic of Lisbon!

Go and Travel Now!

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