Hotel Name Ideas

117 Best Hotel Name Ideas – with Examples

It’s important to think about naming your hotel in a way that will appeal to potential customers. Obviously, there is a lot of competition! That is why we bring you this list of hotel name ideas.

Whether you’re keen to see some examples of resort names, big hotel names or simply want inspiration for good names for hotels; this guide is for you.

Surely, by the end you will have decided on the best name for a hotel that you own! We decided to cover all bases by also putting together a guide for hostel name ideas.

Haven’t sorted a logo? Let these fun hostel logos be of some inspiration.

Smart Hotel Name Ideas

It’s time to have a glance at company names already out there to inspire you to choose a name for your own hotel. Ideas for hotel names are aplenty!

Here’s an overview – feel free to skip to the hotel names list that most appeals:

Come on then, let’s look at some names of hotels and motels to give you an idea of what’s already out there.

Top hotel names in the USA to get inspired by

  1. The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts
  2. Marriott
  3. Regency Hotel
  4. Hilton Walt Disney World
  5. Disney’s Wilderness Lodge
  6. Disney’s Yacht Club Resort
  7. Mandarin Oriental
  8. Four Seasons Hotel
  9. Residence Inn by Marriott
  10. El Rancho Casino
  11. Clarion Hotel and Casino
  12. Continental Hotel and Casino
  13. Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
  14. Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts
  15. Ritz Plaza Hotel
  16. W Hotel
  17. Yosemite Lodge at the Falls
  18. St Regis Hotels
  19. Hyatt
  20. DuPont Plaza Hotel
  21. Antlers Hilton Hotel
  22. The Stanley Hotel
  23. Hotel Bond
  24. Hollywood Plaza Hotel
  25. Fort Harrison Hotel
  26. Ahwahnee Hotel
  27. Belmond
  28. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
  29. Aman Resorts
  30. The Peninsula Chicago
  31. Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  32. National Exchange Hotel

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Creative Hotel Names

Let’s start by taking some inspiration from this list of creative hotel name ideas.

  1. Farmer’s Daughter Hotel
  2. Ace Hotel
  3. Great Gravity Hotel
  4. Your Tokyo Hotel
  5. 5 Star Getaway
  6. Hotel Cirrus Shake
  7. Ube Hotel
  8. Going to Haven
  9. SleepyCrew Hub
  10. Gotham Hotel
  11. Giggle Resort
  12. The Enchanted Garden
  13. Hotel Lemonade
  14. Hotel Joy Stick
  15. Breeze Blows Hotel
  16. Wordly Traveller Hotel
  17. Cable Car Hotel
  18. Hotel Vitality
  19. Land’s End Resort
  20. Walkabout Beach Hotel
  21. Familiar Inn
  22. Sun and Sand Hotel
  23. The Better Inn
  24. Hotel Fusion
  25. The Enchanted Garden
  26. The Welcome Mat
  27. Priority Hospitality
  28. Country Charm Hotel
  29. Always Welcome
  30. The Glory Hotel
  31. Sandy Bloom
  32. Dream Desert Hotel

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Catchy Hotel Names

Catchy and cool names for a hotel are a good idea if you want to draw people in, especially if you are located in a popular destination.

You want to impress not only your guests, but their friends too when they ask “what’s the name of the hotel you stayed at on your holidays this year?”

Here are some cool hotel names to inspire you:

  1. Quirk Hotel
  2. Blue Moon Hotel
  3. Whale Cave Inn
  4. Hotel Jolly
  5. Bedrock N Roll
  6. Suprema Lodge
  7. SpinSurf Hotel
  8. Fairview Hotel
  9. Bourbon Bliss
  10. Hotel Happy Springs
  11. Green Lushy Hotels
  12. Soft Petal Hotel
  13. Quick Stop Hotel
  14. Palace Hotel
  15. Sunset Plains Hotel
  16. Secluded Hill Hotel
  17. Moss View Hotel
  18. The Gritty Palace
  19. Red Velvet Inn
  20. Sizzling Inn
  21. Hotel The Pie
  22. Mofo Cuzzi Inn
  23. Clean Convenience
  24. Newhouse Hotel

Quick Q&A: Why do hotel names end with Inn?

Inn is used when an establishment offers both lodging and food and drink. So if your hotel offers an onsite restaurant, Inn could be an option as part of your hotel name.

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Funny Hotel Names

Just for fun, have a look at these terribly hilarious hotel names. And yes, they are real hotels open for paying customers!

  1. Elephant Butte Inn & Spa
  2. Hotel Kuntz
  3. Grand Gross Hotel
  4. Big Dick’s Halfway Inn
  5. ABAD Hotels
  6. French Lick Resort
  7. Scandic Hell
  8. Grand Oral Hotel
  9. New Hangover Hotel
  10. Porn Hotel
  11. Resist Bacteria Hotel
  12. Step Back Inn
  13. Baltic Bitch Hotel
  14. Terrible Hotel-Casino
  15. Ah Chew Hotel
  16. Morning Wood Hotel
  17. Somass Motel
  18. Hotel WhatsApp
  19. Amorous Feelings Hotel
  20. Worst Western Hotel
  21. Sweet Teen Hotel
  22. Hotel Space Mountain
  23. Wang Thong Hotel
  24. The Nobody Inn
  25. Ufuk Hotel Pension
  26. Wellness Hotel Harms
  27. Bad Horn Hotel
  28. Dong Bang Hotel
  29. Pee Pee Hotel
  30. Hotel Ass
  31. Bad Hotel
  32. Anu’s Lodge
  33. Hotel Fux
  34. Hotel City Fart
  35. Black Butte Ranch
  36. Motel – not a Hilton but it’ll do…

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Boutique Hotel Names

In search of fancy hotel names? Boutique hotels are becoming more popular as travellers go in search of a personal touch and customised service.

What is a boutique hotel?

They are smaller, usually with a maximum of 100 rooms, with as few as 25. Boutique hotels are independent rather than being part of a chain. You’ll usually find them in a trendy or hip area of a city.

Hint: Consider using the word “boutique” in your hotel name so that customers know straight away what kind of hotel it is.

Here are some examples of some boutique/ luxury hotel names:

  1. Urban Boutique Hotel
  2. Mayflower Boutique Hotel
  3. Bentley’s Boutique Hotel
  4. Oceana Boutique Hotel
  5. La Sky Boutique Hotel
  6. Ivy Boutique Hotel
  7. The Maxwell Hotel
  8. Cachet Boutique Hotel
  9. Temptation Inn and Boutique
  10. Chip Inn
  11. Rydeaux Boutique
  12. The Scarlett House Hotels
  13. The Gourmet Hotel
  14. Fresh Wave Boutique Hotel
  15. The Better Hotel
  16. TagayTay Boutique Hotel
  17. Grand & Epic Boutique Hotel
  18. La Serene Boutique Hotel
  19. Red Flag Boutique Hotel
  20. Moss View Boutique Hotel
  21. Zion Boutique
  22. Seascape Boutique Inn
  23. Insta Feel Boutique Hotel
  24. The Cozy Cottage
  25. Comfort Inn
  26. The Ivy Boutique Hotel

Hotel Business Names

Ok so before you get confused, this section is to give an idea of premium names that are usually used for hotel chains. No doubt you will recognise some of them.

Catchy hotel business names exist. Here are some examples.

Notice how many of them use the plural of hotel/resort in their name.

  1. Ritz-Carlton Hotel
  2. Marriott
  3. The Luxury Collection Hotels & Resorts
  4. St Regis Hotels
  5. Hyatt
  6. Rosewood Hotels & Resorts
  7. Aman Resorts
  8. Four Seasons
  9. Voyage Resort
  10. Ramada Hollywood
  11. Hilton Hotels
  12. Hampton Inn & Suites
  13. Fitzgerald Hotel
  14. Ibis
  15. Holiday Inn
  16. Crowne Plaza Hotels

Hotel Name Generators

Although this article includes many hotel name ideas, we wouldn’t recommend you copying any of them.

This is where a business name generator comes in handy!

A catchy name is never too far away when you head to the right place in search of business name ideas.

Don’t be a copy cat – spend some time on this as cool names for hotels don’t just appear out of thin air.

We recommend using:

And remember…

The best hotel names represent the overall feel of the place. If the name of the hotel doesn’t match the service, you’re going to leave customers very confused!

For example, it wouldn’t make sense to call a small 20-roomed hotel with basic amenities the Grand Hotel.

Good hotel names reflect the product. They’re catchy, easy to remember and pronounce.

Also, take into consideration the…

  • Characteristics of your hotel (owner’s name, facilities, design, history, uniqueness)
  • Characteristics of the hotel location (landmarks, special activity, local attractions etc)

These could easily be incorporated into the name.

For example:

  • The Turkey Shore Resort
  • Falmouth Beach Hotel
  • Covent Garden Hotel
  • Shangri-La Hotel

Remember: Always check and then check again that the name you like hasn’t already been used thousands of times. In fact, choose a unique name that no one has used before! This takes time, so be patient.

Last but not Least

Once you’ve decided on a perfect brand name for your hotel, have a look at these WordPress themes to match your name and logo.

Haven’t sorted a logo? Let these fun hostel logos be of some inspiration.

A book we highly recommend to read is the BRANDLife: Boutique Hotels & Hostels.

The books covers amazing hotels and hostels from all over the world. Here you can get a ton of inspiration and hotel name ideas.

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