Volunteering in Hostels

Volunteering at Hostels? Websites you can use to find help

Many hostels in this world love to work with Volunteers. There are many pros and cons to this model. In some countries it is not allowed for hostels and hotels to work with volunteers, in others it’s daily stuff.

It can be a unique way to introduce the hostel concept to your guests, especially those new to travelling.

This is a guest article by Pierce. He shares with you his newest hostel work exchange service BeyondThePack.

We at Hostelgeeks met Pierce in December 2016. I, Matt was still on jet lag when we stayed at YIM Hostel in Bangkok. Walking down to the common room at 4:30am in the morning, I met Pierce. Pierce was working as a volunteer. We kept chatting for a while and Pierce told me about his idea of a hostel-work exchange service.

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Are you an eager traveler but didn’t know how to do it? Do you want to explore the world but afraid you don’t have the money to do so?

Travel is confusing, we know, that’s why we at BeyondThePack are here to help!

We are BeyondThePack, the newest and most innovative hostel-work exchange service.

We have one goal in mind:

Make traveling for longer, cost less.

Our plan is to connect eager volunteers with a network of hostels for mutual benefit. A traveler plans to volunteer at a hostel for a set amount of time; in exchange for their help around the hostel, the host provides them with various accommodations, from a bed to free breakfast, access to bar crawls and more! The hostel gets a great new staff member and the volunteer has found a temporary home, the perfect way to save money while making a long trip abroad; Everybody is a winner!

We provide handy guides that give you all the information you need to know about a country/city before visiting, our favorite travel apps, gear etc., and ways to save money during your trip; along with 24-hour travel assistance during your stay! Along with guides, we are creating a community blog, a forum where travelers can share their stories along with their tricks, tips, and experiences.

As a traveler, log on to BeyondThePack.com and start browsing for your next trip today. Select from hostels in cities all around the globe. Your next trip is really just a few clicks away. What’s stopping you?

Hear What Pia from Argentina had to say about her stay in Budapest, Hungary in the summer of 2017.

“My experience with BTP was wonderful, I arrived at the hostel and everyone was waiting for me. They were super nice to me, and they helped me a lot not only work but also to experience their culture.

I had a great time working with the entire staff. The owners invited me to their homes to try typical Hungarian food, showed me around Budapest as well as gave me some awesome gifts on my departure! Every day was awesome! I could make plans with my colleagues or go out with the guests, so there was never a boring day.”

Beyond The Pack - Hostel Work Exchange Service

Now what does that mean for a hostel?

You aren’t a traveler, so why should you care about BeyondThePack?

Hostels are the bedrock of our networking exchange.

By joining our network next week, you can benefit your business in various ways. We are attempting to create new and innovate ways to improve your business while saving you money. Bottom-line is we are here to help hostels thrive all around the world.

Memberships with BeyondThePack covers:

  1. Reduce labor costs by bringing in eager and talented travelers from all over the world to work alongside your already awesome hostel staff.
  2. Connect with English native-speakers who can help train your staff in customer relations and aid in online marketing and social media.
  3. Promote your hostel to travelers and new clients all across the world.
  4. Gain Access to the American marketplace and become a household name for your city.
  5. Become a part of an international community of hostels looking to promote best practices and share knowledge of how to bolster success!

Beyond The Pack - Hostel Work Exchange Service

How does Beyond The Pack work:

Go to our site www.beyondthepack.com and click sign up.

Make a profile for your hostel, connecting you to thousands of travelers from all over the world looking for volunteer opportunities in exchange for accommodations.

Create a job advertisement, for example “someone to make our lovely guests breakfast in the morning” on the Manage Jobs Page

Confirm travelers that apply to work for you and if they meet your criteria; BOOM!

You’ve got an awesome new staff member
And the best news?


If you are either a traveler or hostel and would like more information regarding our program, please go to www.beyondthepack.com or email us at: pierce-at-beyondthepack.com

What else?

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Beyond The Pack - Hostel Work Exchange Service
Pierce, founder of Beyond The Pack
Matt Kiefer is the founder of Hostelgeeks.com, the premium network of 5 Star Hostels worldwide. Hostelnerds is the b2b area with information for hostel managers and owners to take your hostel a step further.